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Unlock the magic of by selecting a pricing plan to suit you.

We want to make it as cost effective as possible for your to breathe new life into your website, so we’ve put together a range of subscriptions plans and added ‘extras’ to ensure you’re only paying for the tools you need.

Basic £2.99 / month

Our Basic account is ideal for individuals, small businesses, clubs and societies, and for anyone who wants to try Manypage to see how well it works for them. It gives you lots of pages, plenty of storage and access to all the tools we offer. This is very likely all that most people will need but if you need more, you can easily upgrade to a larger account at any time.

100 pages

1GB storage

2GB transfers

1 signin

Agency £7.99 / month

The Agency account is aimed at web designers and developers at all levels - both individuals and companies. An agency account lets you link up with your customers' Manypage accounts allowing you to build, edit and evolve their sites on their behalf, whilst letting them retain the ability to make their own changes day-to-day. This way, both you and your customers benefit from the power Manypage offers.

Your customers get the benefit of your design. On top of that, they are then free to make their own changes when necessary - for instance changing a telephone number, altering a picture, updating some details. As designers, Manypage's advanced tools give you the freedom to really do your job. And whilst every job is different, there are often common elements and ideas, and you can use Manypage to collect these together, building your own library of templates, pages and components that you can drop into the next job that comes along.

500 pages

5GB storage

2GB transfer

Up to 3 users

Super £14.99 / month

Ideal for businesses with richer, larger sites, more substantial traffic and multiple accounts.

1000 pages (who has a 1000 page website??)

10GB storage

20GB transfer

Up to 3 users

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