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The tool-bar

When you have signed in to Manypage you'll see the manypage tool-bar at the top of your pages.

Selecting things - part 1

The first thing you need to know about working with Manypage is how to select objects. 

Selecting things - part 2

Selecting things works a bit differently when you are using the text editor.

Selecting things - part 3

Another way you can select objects is by using the outline window.

Selecting things - part 4

There's some useful tricks that can make it easier to select objects.

basic information
the manypage manual
more in-depth coverage of manypage

What can you do?

Manypage provides you with technology to make a copy of your site. In addition we give you a unique combination of tools and features that let you evolve your site in whatever way suits you - from simple changes to a complete redesign.

You can design the way you want

Our layout editor allows you to add, move, update and style elements easily. You can copy and paste objects between pages. You can group things together. You can make templates. You can always undo. The possibilities are endless.

You can write straight to the page

Our text editor is a word-processor for the web. You can make headings and paragraphs, use copy and paste, add color, emphasis and styling as if you were writing a letter. It works with styles you define in the layout editor so you can maintain consistency across your site, and it gives you instant access to hundreds of web fonts. 

You can stay organised

The Manypage file manager gives you access to unlimited storage. It works just like a computer hard-drive so you can keep and organise all your pages and media files in one place easily.

You can navigate easily

Our at-a-glance navigation tool provides you with an overview of the site and page structure so you can navigate around your pages as you build, hassle free.

You've got lots of pre-built widgets

Choose from an extensive and ever evolving library of components that can be added to enrich your site - from simple headings to complex carousels, tables and more.

You can ‘do it yourself’

Bespoke functionality can be added through the built in Javascript editor.

You can do ‘responsive’ mobile design

You can define how your page layouts differ on different screen sizes, including mobile. The responsive design editor lets you set any property to a specific value for different screen widths. And mockups let you see previews of what your site will look like on different devices at a quick click.

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