Manypage is the only website builder that lets you make a copy of your existing site... and then transform it.

This saves you the cost of a complete redesign or the complexity of fitting your existing pages into a new framework.

Manypage is easy to use whilst also being super-powerful. So it is suitable for any kind of user from beginners to seasoned professionals.

Who its for?

The great thing about Manypage is that it can be as simple or as complex as you like, according to your skill level.

Individuals, clubs and societies

Manypage is perfect for people needing a simple solution to creating personal website sites, blogs and portfolios. It is also the ideal tool for writing newsletters, making timetables and producing other essential communications.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs

Small businesses often don’t have the time or budget to engage an agency or a developer. Manypage provides a simple do-it-yourself solution that allows business owners to update their own company website, keeping it up-to-date and ensuring it looks professional.

Designers and developers

Manypage provides designers with a way of bringing their creative ideas to life without needing to code and a quick, easy solution to building websites without the hassle of administering servers for developers. Our agency account lets you build multiple sites so you can take care of all your customers needs

Reasons you'll want to use Manypage

You can clone and then edit ANY website

It doesn’t matter what your existing site is built in or where it is hosted, you can simply import a copy into and change anything!

Anything is possible is 100% customisable and gives you complete control over design and functionality of your web pages with templates, tools and reusable components.

You can evolve your site at no extra cost

Your monthly subscription will unlock all the features and tools you'll need. You can make updates and edits any time you like, without on-going maintenance costs or the need to invest in additional functionality.

You don’t need to know how to code

With you don’t need to worry about getting lost in layers of complex code. Our easy to use interface lets you unleash your creativity by providing you with the tools necessary to build the website you want.

It’s more than just a website editor

You can use Manypage to create a variety of projects from scratch too - such as good looking-graphically rich websites, portfolios, functionally complex websites, content management systems, blogs and much more. is standards compliant

All Manypage sites are constructed of standard HTML, CSS and Javascript so all pages can be indexed by search engines. And Manypage makes it easy to add metadata to all your pages, to make searching even more effective.

We offer CloneAssist and MobileAssist

For a modest fee we will clone your site for you and use Manypage to make any necessary adjustments so it works as well as possible. Likewise we can make your existing site work well on mobile by using our responsive editor skills on it. lets you enrich your content supports all of the HTML5 media formats, so you easily add video and audio to your pages. It also features viewers for different file types such as Excel files, and it gives you easy access to social media buttons.

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